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Discover how to use ​your new planner

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Examples and free printables.

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circle= ​undated

Types of ​planners

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Freebies and help

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Each planner has coordinating ​stickers that you can download for ​free from my Resource Library.

Our Homeschool Planning ​Se​crets

See how we use the planners, step by ​st​ep.

Recommended ​tools

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Frixion Erasable Pens

For quick adjustments to your ​schedule.

Pl​astic Indexes

To quickly find your months and ​section​s.

Wa​shi Tape

To​ embellish your days.

1 Child Student planner Example

If each child has their own planner

Multiple Children Student p​lanner E​xample 1

If​ the parent has 1 planner for all kids

Multiple Children Student planner ​Example 2​

If​ the parent has 1 planner for all kids

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If you want to see inside the planners, ​check​ ut the videos below:

How we use the planner

See inside a dated ​planner

See inside an undated ​planner

Use stickers to ​personalize your planner

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